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What is Escuela Bella Vista ?

What is Escuela Bella Vista ?

I Was doing a little research to best describe EBV through out the years but I could not come up with anything ... so i decide to revist my old friends website ...

"Ondas del Lago by Chuck Clausen ". It is a great website regarding EBV, Roberts School and the Expat oilfield way of life. Great stuff to explore all the info he has on his site. I recommend it highly.

Anyway i found this paragraph that pretty much explains a little history of our beloved school .. so I hope you don't mind Chuck I'm stealing your paragraph :-)

It's a private co-educational N-12 International school located in the city of Maracaibo, in western Venezuela. It was originally run by a consortium of international oil companies prior to the nationalization of oil resources by the Venezuelan government under the administration of President Carlos Andrés Perez in January of 1976. It started in September of 1934 as part of the Inter-Company school system. It was reorganized as an independent non-profit corporation in 1949, finally emerging as a private stock-owned school in September, 1950. The roots of the school can actually be traced as far back as 1896, when an American School was established by an individual named Heráclio Osuna.EBV and the Roberts School were “THE Schools” to many Americans, Europeans, and Venezuelans whose parents lived and worked there.

Thanks Chuck !



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  • Marisa Abbo de Quintero

    Marisa Abbo de Quintero

    27 November 2017 at 12:38 | #

    Trying to see old..new faces!!!!


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