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What is EBV Reunion ?

What is EBV Reunion ?

EBV Reunion is a website for Ebvers and others that want to share and enjoy our story. This site is all about us. I will be posting stories, photos and videos.

The videos are mostly of our reunions and gatherings that we have had over the years and eventually maybe some interviews to get a little more personal regarding being a TCK and growing up overseas. But for now the videos will be mostly about our parties jajaja but that is us. When we get together it is like time has not pass and we are still the kids that grew up together back in Maracaibo. I have found through out the years when I tell people about is they just do not understand how we are all still so close and intouch after so many years. That is where the TCK comes in. If your TCK you understand.

Our reunions are not your regular reunion of a weekend with a dinner and a party in the old gym. We get together for at least 4 days and many times a week in diferent countries. We are TCK's and the idea of getting together in another country other than the USA ... just make it right. I'm talking about the BIG reunions we now do every 3 years. The "in between" gatherings we do are in the USA .. sometimes New Orleans, Orlando, Miami, Houston, Las Vegas basically where ever we have a chance to get together. But I am thinking soon we will be heading to Europe for we have many Ebvers in that side of the world. I just need someone to help me with that .. hint hint :-)

So please subscribe to our Youtube channel and like our Facebook page so we can get our story known and you be up dated with our grand life adventure.



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